Upgraded Tuesdays || Willdabeast

So it’s Tuesday… The Mon-daze has past, and it’s not quite Humpday or Friday…. So I decided to upgrade Tuesdays by posting a fierce dance video every week.

First one up of this series is a combo choreographed by Willdabeast Adams (LA) to the song “Upgrade U” by Beyoncé (fitting isn’t?).

Just. Watch. Honestly, if you don’t’ feel hype after watching this, then I don’t know if you’re human or not…

Everything about his choreo is right. And the dancers in this video all KILL. IT. Enjoy :)

P.S. Willdabeast, you have my heart. <3

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The Pure Post || Dr. Roebuck’s Skincare

IMG_5766 CALGARY, November 27th, 2014

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Well this just might be my purest post yet! If you like eating clean, natural, organic foods, then you probably practice a similar regimen for your skin.  It can be tricky choosing a natural skincare product when you`re alone in the health & wellness aisle at your local organic grocer…. (Let`s be honest, I think we`ve all been there…)  but have no fear, Dr. Roebucks is here!  You will love using this natural & therapeutic skincare line for all things precious!

I have been using this product for two months now, and let’s just say, my extremely sensitive skin has never been happier! What`s not to love about a product that is Paraben, BPA and chemical free?! It’s designed for sensitive and reactive skin but can be used every day. I also just came back from a tropical holiday and I’m so thankful I have Dr. Roebuck’s skincare so my face doesn’t crack up like old pavement from this cold Canadian weather!

IMG_5778It’s a pretty cool story how the brand came to be… Many years ago,  two Australian physicians began a quest to formulate a safe and effective skincare line solely for their family and patients. By combining their practical knowledge and an old English dermatological recipe, Dr. Roebuck’s was born! But their recipe was kept hush hush for more than three decades!  It wasn’t until the physician’s twin daughters, Kim Devin and Zoe Kelly, who had been using the product their entire lives, decided to share their family secret and co-founded Dr. Roebuck’s skincare.  (And am I forever grateful they did!).

I personally love applying the FACE daily moisturiser the most. The lavender scent smells incredible and feels like a cashmere blanket against your skin.  The premium skincare line includes eight effective products: PURE, FACE, TONE, POLISH (a purifying facial scrub which is another favorite of mine), BUBS & BITS, LIPS, BODY & HANDWASH, and PURE BODY.

You can find all of the above products plus the PRECIOUS PACK, a perfect travel set, at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada or online www.drroebucks.com.au

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Streets of Fashion Month||Tommy Ton


Tommy Ton is simply spectacular, and I find street photography to be so fascinating. Specifically during fashion weeks. Every one is just ready to take chances and that’s what style is all about.  Just going for it no matter what and wearing what you feel like. Yes, fashion week is where everyone finds out what the next trend is, but on the street, there’s a conglomerate of trends and decades of fashion and style being tossed about. It’s not about one look or one designer, it’s about the power of choice and individuality among the chaos.

Here are my favorite looks from Fashion Month, all captured by Tommy Ton. <3

14_12_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 14_14_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 17_19_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 17_09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 16_11_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 26_04_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 13_05_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 12_08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 15_02_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 11_13_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 11_08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 10_11_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_08 08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_19 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_021 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_015 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_029 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_031 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_012 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_005 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_010

Thank you style.com & Tommy Ton!

For more of his photos from this album, check out this link: http://www.style.com/street/tommy-ton/2014/090514-tommy-ton-street-style-spring-2015-ready-to-wear

Titika || Active Lifestyle

CALGARY, August 29th 2014

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

For some reason or another, I feel like the better you feel/look walking into the gym the better and harder you work out. It’s the same when I’m dancing.  If I’m wearing an outfit I can move in but is also super hype at the same time, my confidence is raised and I feel like my dancing is wayyyy more on point.

Well if you’re like me, and want to update your active wardrobe just as much as your fall outfits, I would definitely check out Titika. Their collection is full of cute cutout designs, four-way stretch materials, and awesome prints. I mean come on, working out shouldn’t have to be boring and a must do, it should be exciting and full of energy and slipping on some hot cut-out leggings makes it even more appealing. So go for it! Check out titika.ca and look and feel great whether you’re in the gym or spending the day running around doing errands. #werkit ;)

Titika Lifestyle 16 July 2014-111 Titika Lifestyle 16 July 2014-203 Titika Lifestyle 16 July 2014-265 Titika Lifestyle 16 July 2014-325

NARS || Nail Polish

NARS Nail Polish
Iconic Colour. Nailed.


Words & Images by Kate Wotherspoon

I’ve always been a fan of NARS. I think it all started when my sister brought home a beautiful shimmering pink blush called Orgasm. Maybe it was the blunt title of the blush that made me look into the brand further… I mean, no one else was naming their product with such a sexy innuendo… Then I looked further into their collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polish and soon found my makeup drawer housing names like Deep Throat, Super Orgasm and Rated R… Don’t worry, I wasn’t 14 at the time or anything….

“When I created NARS, I was either going to name them with numbers or give them intelligent names. I wanted to give the products a character and an identity. The names make you dream and transport you to another place. It gives the colours a fun twist.” – François Nars


Top to Bottom: Back Room, Night Flight, Soup Can


Left to Right: Bad Influence, Zakynthos, Trouville

NARS has recently launched a brilliant new collection of high glossy nail polish that lasts and strengthen your nails. The brush is specially designed for easy application for that freshly-painted look. There’s 19 new iconic hues from the 42-shade collection including 23 fan favourites!  These hot tamale polishes will be available August 1st at select NARS retailers and narscosmetics.com  Pictured are seven of my go-to colours!

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